Augementative and Alternative Communication Devices (AAC)…What are the options?

AAC devices are used by people who have little to no verbal output of speech. There are many different populations that benefit from AAC devices. Non verbal children with autism, adults with neurodegenerative diseases, people with who have low speech intelligibility, and so much more. Devices range from low tec to high high ted depending on the person’s level of functioning. An example of low tec device is the Pictures Exchange Communication System (PECS). PECS has an individual communicate with the usage of pictures in a communication book. An example of a high tec device would be DynavoxDynavox is virtually a computer that produces speech for the individual. People program the device with categories of words that the individual would likely need to say. The device also gives the option to type in a word letter by letter versus.

There are lots of different devices out there. It is important to research the devices extensively before purchasing one. Speech language pathologists are great resources in this area! Talk to a professional before making any big purchases, because you may need to try out more than one device before finding the best fit!



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