Awesome article

Hey everyone,

I came across this article on the internet yesterday about a really cool project that is going on.  A famous fashion photographer is attempting to “reframe beauty” by focusing a campaign on people with disabilities. Photagrapher Rick Guidotti is “reinterpreting beauty”. He says, “There’s other ways to present this. I’ve spoken to so many genetic counselors who have a family in front of them and say ‘Ok, this is what your daughter is going to have. Read this.’ And they cover up the photograph because it will freak the family right out.There’s gotta be something else we can do. There’s gotta be another way to present that information to that family.” What an amazing idea!I am attaching the link to the article and to Rick’s website for you guys to check out the pictures. I hope it inspires you like it has inspired me!

Enjoy everyone!



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