What is Turner Syndrome?

Turner Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is caused by deletion of the second sex chromosome in females. It occurs in 1-2500 births, and is a common characteristic in many miscarriages. According to the Turner Syndrome Society, common physical characteristics for women with turner syndrome:

·        Narrow, high-arched palate (roof of the mouth)
·        Retrognathia (receding lower jaw)
·        Low-set ears
·        Low hairline (the hair on the neck is closer to the shoulders)
·        Webbed neck (excess or stretched skin)
·        Slight droop to eyes
·        Strabismus (lazy eye)
·        Broad chest
·        Cubitus valgus (arms that turn out slightly at the elbows)
·        Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
·        Flat feet
·        Small, narrow fingernails and toenails that turn up (usually if lymphedema was present at birth)
·        Short fourth metacarpals (the ends of these bones form the knuckles)
·        Edema (swelling or puffiness) of hands and feet; especially at birth

Women with Turner Syndrome have average to normal intelligence. They do have difficulty with  spatial-temporal processing (imagining objects in relation to each other), nonverbal memory and attention. For more info visit the Turner Syndrome Society website at http://turnersyndrome.org/welcome-turner-syndrome-society-us



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