Reading, Writing and the Speech Language Pathologist

A common question buzzing around the speech world lately…

What exactly is the importance of literacy? 

The ability to read and write is an important key for success in society today.  Literacy in the United States is the ability to read, write and speak English at levels of proficiency necessary to succeed academically, professionally and socially.  Language problems are a consequence often experienced by children who suffer with difficulties in the areas of reading and writing.

There are studies that have proven that it is more common for children with language impairments (i.e. dyslexia) to experience difficulties reading than those without. Speech language pathologists play an important role in the prevention of literacy problems.  By providing individuals with opportunities for success in spoken and written language, speech language pathologists help those with and without communication disorders succeed in meeting their communication needs.

A learning disability can be defined as a disorder that involves difficulties in developing and using speaking, reading, writing, and reasoning skills for academic success,  These characteristics may not appear at once nor do they appear at a certain age.  A learning disability is usually a continuation of a specific language problem from childhood even though it may not be identified until the child reaches adolescence,  Although skills may improve over time with treatment and training, a learning disability is considered a lifetime problem.  If you or a loved one are concerned about a child’s development you should contact a certified speech-language pathologist who can help to assess and suggest helpful methods for treatment (ASHA, 2013).

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