Homecoming King and Queen with Down Syndrome Elected!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying your monday as much as I am! We’re open for business today, so I figured I would post something to cheer everyone up whose at work. I saw this article today and my heart just melted. Bubba Hunter and Semone Adkins were elected as homecoming king and queen this past week by their peers…and both are diagnosed with Down Syndrome. According to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida, this is the first time two students with Down Syndrome have been elected as homecoming king and queen. They both arrived in style to their homecoming celebrations, one in a Ferrari and one in a maserati! One of their peers stated, “We are not doing this because we feel bad for them or anything like that,” football captain Hayden Griffitts told Fox 19. “We are doing this because we genuinely like Bubba and Semone.”  

I thought this was a great article to post, especially during Anti-bullying month. Way to go West Orange High School of Orlando! If you want to see pictures or video of the ceremony…just follow the link.  



Happy Columbus Day Everyone!,



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