Halloween Speech Fun!

Hi Everyone,

This week is Halloween and I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone some fun holiday themed speech practice ideas!

If you are trying to work on improving receptive language skills, have your kids categorize the candy they get trick or treating! Sorting candy will help them improve their categorization skills, which can help with organizing their thoughts!

If you’re trying to improve pragmatic skills have your kids practice what they are going to say when they ring the doorbell to go trick or treating! Talk about how you can tell someone you like their costume! Halloween is a great time to interact with kids in your neighborhood!

If you’re trying to improve your child’s speech with a certain sound, like k or g (just an example), read a book about a scary ghost! Or talk about all of the candy that they are going to get. Everyone is motivated to
practice more when candy is involved.

Below is a great Halloween book I found on speechtherapygames.com, I have been using it all week and all the kids love it! Hopefully your kids will too!

orange pumpkin story

Happy Early Halloween Everyone!



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