It’s January! January is National Mentoring Month…What are Social Skills?

Hi everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone at Long Island Speech and Myofunctional Therapy. We hope that everyone and their families had a fun holiday.

January is National Mentoring Month, and it got me thinking about the awesome experiences I have had being a mentor. In high school I mentored multiple kids diagnosed with high functioning autism and other social skills deficits. Examining social skills can be tricky, because kids with social skill deficits don’t look like they have a disability. “Most children pick up positive skills through their everyday interactions with adults and peers, it is important that educators and parents reinforce this casual learning with direct and indirect instruction. We must also recognize when and where children pick up behaviors that might be detrimental to their development or safety” © 2002, National Association of School Psychologists,

So spread the word! See if your child’s school has a peer mentoring program…because giving them an appropriate peer model in the school setting could be a great asset to them for improvement of social and academic skills.

Stay warm everyone!



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