Why does a speech pathologist care about enlarged adenoids or tonsils?!?

Hey everyone!

A lot of people who come to our office for evaluations have asked me (and I am sure lots of other of our therapists as well!) why I care that their child’s tonsils are enlarged. Did you know that enlarged tonsils force the tongue to sit forward in the oral cavity? If the tongue sits too far forward it can’t perform accurate placement for speech sounds and makes the tongue weaker. Enlarged tonsils also force person to sit with an open mouth! This makes it easier for germs and other toxins to enter the body. Enlarged adenoids can accuse nasal congestion, change the shape of the palate, restless sleeping, snoring, and so much more! All of theses symptoms influence speech and feeding skills. If a speech therapist suggests a consult with an ear nose and throat physician make sure you go! You would not believe the difference a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy can make (if the child needs one!)It is also important to remember that post surgical adenoid/tonsil re-growth is possible if the shaving method was used during the first surgical procedure!

I hope that everyone stayed safe and warm during the storm!



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