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Ever wonder what goes on during treatment for a fluency disorder? There are lots of different approaches that a speech pathologist may use. The main two theories of thought are Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modification. What’s the difference? Speechpathology.com said:

Stuttering modification strategies involve working directly with stuttering. These strategies help clients to increase awareness of stuttered speech, examine and reduce physical tension, and ultimately change moments of stuttering. They help children to reduce struggle behaviors and stutter in a more relaxed way. Stuttering modification strategies can also decrease sensitivity about stuttering, reduce negative reactions, and increase feelings of control, openness, and acceptance. Stuttering modification strategies include techniques such as Catching the Stutter, Relaxing the Stutter, Slide, Easy Stuttering and Cancellation.

Fluency-shaping strategies include techniques that alter students’ breathing, speech rate, voice production, and articulation in ways that facilitate more fluent speech. When children experience more fluency, they often develop greater confidence about speaking. This can decrease negative reactions and promote even more fluency. Fluency-enhancing strategies include skills such as Relaxed Breath, Slow Stretched Speech, Smooth Movement, Easy Voice, Light Contact, and Stretched Speech.

Lots of therapists use a combined approach of both of these techniques! Remember there is no cookbook approach to treatment. It’ s always best to use what works best for the individual client!



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