Risk Factors for Sutttering

Hi everyone!

Last week I posted about stuttering (a fluency disorder), and a few ways to determine whether your child’s disfluencies are mild, moderate or severe. Today I wanted to share some more information for those of you who think your child is disfluent, but are still not sure if an evaluation is necessary. After all, we’ve all heard stories about individuals who used to experience disfluent speech and ended up outgrowing it. While this is true, that many children experience some level of mild disfluency and later outgrow it, some unfortunately do not. Studies further indicate, that in the case where a child’s stuttering persists, early diagnosis and treatment has immense value. 

Below you will find a link for an article from USA Today that talks a little more about early treatment for stuttering. I’ve also pasted a link below of a very helpful page from the Stuttering Foundation that talks about risk factors for stuttering. If one or more of these factors apply to your child, you should be more concerned as these are indicators that the stuttering problem could be persistent. 

Here is the link for the USA Today article on the value of early stuttering treatment: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/09/15/stuttering-treatment/2808949/

And please visit this page of the Stuttering Foundation’s website to read more about risk factors for stuttering: http://www.stutteringhelp.org/risk-factors


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