What is the difference between Auditory Processing and Language Processing? Is there a difference?

Hi everyone!

I know a while back, we posted on this blog about the disorder known as Auditory Processing Disorder, which is a deficit in the formation of processing of audible signals not attributed to impaired hearing, sensitivity or intellectual impairment. Often times, an auditory processing disorder can coexist with a language processing disorder. Since verbal  language is presented via the auditory modality, an individual who is having difficulty processing the sounds that make up speech may also have a difficult time processing the meaning of the speaker’s message.  However,  there are various ways to formulate and produce language, such as body language, sign language, written material that do not require language to be presented via the auditory modality. These examples highlight the fact that language processing exists in tandem with auditory processing, but also independent from it.

Below, I’ve linked an article written by a Speech-language pathologist about processing difficulties and there are some helpful strategies for parents of children with these types of difficulties. Good luck and don’t hesitate to post any questions! 


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