Autism in Art

Debbie Rasiel, mother to a 23-year-old with autism, began a photography project inspired by two things she’s most familiar with: autism and art. Debbie spent two years traveling the world, taking pictures of children with autism spectrum. Debbie’s mission: “To offer those not familiar with autism an opportunity to see what autism looks like, a safe space where social mores would not prevent them from staring,” Debbie describes her experience as a discovery: “while living conditions, resources and treatment vary by region, autism presents the same.” The project titled “Picturing Autism,” was recently exhibited at the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery in Manhattan.

“From the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Cuzco, Peru, Astoria, Queens to Jakarta, East Harlem to Akureyri, Iceland, Alpine New Jersey to Oaxaca, Mexico, Rasiel seeks to highlight the shared physical manifestations of autism against a backdrop of poignant individuality.”

Please view the original article here:
Please view the exhibition website here:
Debbie Rasiel’s Official Website


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