Goodbye Pacifier


Did you know it is recommended to extinguish pacifier use by the age of 12 months?

Prolonged pacifier use can have a negative effect on dental malocclusion and distort speech. Studies have also shown it can increase the risk for ear infections.

Here are 10 creative ideas to help your child “give away” their pacifier:

1. Leave it for the Binky Fairy

Have your child place their pacifiers in a bag near their bed. The Binky Fairy may even leave a special treat in the morning in place of the pacifiers.

2. Give it away

“What worked for me was having my daughter give away her ‘baby things’ at certain holidays. For instance, she gave the Easter Bunny her bottles for her babies and Rudolph got the pacifier. It worked very well. Every time she brought it up, we’d remind her about who she gave her things to.”
– Anonymous via

3. Donate it

“We told our daughter that she needed to give her ‘binkies’ to the new babies being born. The next time we went to the doctor’s office we took all the pacifiers with us and left them with the doctor to ‘hand out to the new babies.’ It worked like a charm. She asked about it for one or two nights and then never asked again.”
– Caroline’s Mommy via

4. Read Books about it

Baby’s Binky Box, by Jennifer Ormond, illustrated by Curt Walstead

Binky, by Leslie Patricelli

Bye-Bye Binky, by Brigitte Weninger, illustrated by Yusuke Yonezu

Bye-Bye, Pacifier (a Muppet Babies book), by Louise Gikow

I Want My Pacifier, by Tony Ross

No More Pacifier, by Ricki Booker, illustrated by Selena Kassab

No More Pacifiers, by Melanie O’Brien, illustrated by Amanda Enright

Pacifiers Are Not Forever, by Elizabeth Verdick, illustrated by Marieka Heinlen

5. Build-A-Bear

Have your child bring their pacifiers on a trip to Build-A-Bear. Before stuffing the bear, place the pacifiers inside.

6. Have it float away on a balloon

Watch the “Up” inspired “Goodbye Pacifier” video here:


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