National Bullying Prevention Month

Hi All,

I am Katelyn, a Speech Language Pathologist at Long Island Speech and Myofunctional Therapy. I will be posting for the month of October! As you may be aware, October is  National Bullying Prevention Month! Bullying is an issue that we take very seriously at Long Island Speech and Myofunctional Therapy. It is something we should all be making a conscious effort to diminish. Individuals with speech and language deficits are often a target for bullying.  It is important that we teach children to be tolerant and accept the “differences” of their peers. I found a great book that teaches this lesson in relation to speech and language!  In addition, reading books with children is a great way to increase language skills, such as: sequencing  and vocabulary ! This book can be read: in therapy, in the classroom, or at home.


How Katie Got a Voice( and a Cool Nickname), By Pat Mervine, is a story about a girl name Katie.  It is told from the perspective of Miguel, Katie’s classmate.  Katie is new to the classroom, and all of her classmates want to get to know her better. But there is a challenge, Katie can’t talk. Read it to see how Katie’s classmates overcome this challenge and learn to appreciate her uniqueness!

Here is the link to, Pat Mervine’s website





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