Darren Sproles- A Football Player Who Stutters

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share this great video about a famous athlete who stutters, Darren Sproles! As many of you know, stuttering refers to disruptions in the production of speech sounds. Stuttering events can occur on single sounds, syllables, or entire words. Stuttering most often begins in childhood, but it may persist into adulthood. Dysfluencies can often affect people academically, as well as socially and emotionally. However, it is important to realize that dysfluencies should not hold anyone back.

Darren Sproles is a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only is he smaller and shorter than the average football player, he is also a man who stutters. Darren spent much of his career avoiding interviews and talking to reporters after games. However, after one of his shining moments he was forced to speak to the media and he did not let his stuttering stop him! And, a fun fact: Darren Sproles majored in Speech-Language Pathology in college!

It is always great to see someone in the public eye who stutters but is still successful in spite of their dysfluencies.  People like this can serve as inspiration for kids and adults, alike. This story teaches us that our differences can be overcome in order to pursue our dreams. If you have a child or know someone who stutters, share this video with them!

Click this link to view the video:


And for more famous people who stutter pleas visit:





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