Language Apps

Hi Everyone!

I often have parents asking for apps for the iPad that would be beneficial for their child to use at home to assist in improving language skills. Here are a few applications and a brief description of each that are great for targeting language skills:

  1. Speech With Milo Interactive Storybook

This app is good for pre-school children in which they can listen to the story, interact with the pages, and record themselves retelling the events on the page.

  1. Rainbow Sentences

This is a great app for forming grammatically correct sentences and expanding utterances.

  1. Cookie Doodle

This application is great for following the directions of the recipe, sequence the steps, decorating, and describing a cookie.  There are many things you can do with this app to elicit language.

  1. Let’s name things: Fun Deck

This app is designed for children and targets naming skills. It contains 52 flashcards with visiuals, a built-in audio, and  the ability to track data.

  1. Toca Kitchen Monsters

The series “Toca Boca” apps are great for pretend play. On the Toca Kitchen Monsters app, children get to feed a monster. The children can interact with the monster by selecting different types of food. This is great for pretend play and building vocabulary.


An additional website for applications for a variety of speech/language deficits:

Enjoy! 🙂



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