Speech and Language Practice at Home !

Hello All!

As we embark on summer vacation, many children are taking a break from their normal school routines, and that may include speech therapy! So I wanted to provide some great ways to practice speech and language skills at home, so kids don’t loose the skills they’ve gained!


There are SO many great ways you can practice your child’s articulation skills at home. First find out from your child’s therapist what sounds they are working on, word position (initial, middle, or final), and at what level (words, phrases, and sentences).

  1. Coloring pages- You can find pictures of different objects, animals or places that have your child’s target words in them!
  2. Pair it with a game! – Find a list of the sounds that your child is targeting. And play a game while practicing. Before your child takes a turn have theem say a target word
  3. Make your own board game- there are many different templates for
  4. Go on a treasure hunt!- Utilize pictures or objects that target your child’s sounds, hide them around the house and have your child go on a hunt to find them! When they find each word have them say it 3 times to practice. This is also a great idea to do outside to get some fresh air!

There are some great lists for target sounds on: mommyspeechtherapy.com


There are also great ways to facilitate language skills! Anything in your

  1. Utilize your surroundings- Go on walks around your neighborhood and ask your child about different things in order to build up their vocabulary skills.
  2. Reading- Reading books is a great way to target language. You can use books that are attractive to your child. Ask them questions about what your reading, work on their sentence structure and review vocabulary!
  3. Cooking activities- Make a meal or snack with your child. This is a great way to target following directions and sequencing.
  4. Language games- Scategories, Outburst, Headbandz, and Guess Who  are all great games to target different language skills.

Hope you these activities help to make practicing speech and language skills fun!


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