How to Know When Your Child Needs Articulation Therapy

Hello All,

Articulation errors are common in children during toddlerhood and early childhood. Different sounds and sound patterns develop at different ages. Your child may not properly pronounce certain sounds yet, however they may not be developmentally appropriate for their age. Here is a chart that shows speech sound norms:


Phonological processes refer to certain sound patterns that a child utilized to simplify speech.  There are typical processes which children utilize.  Each of these processes has a specific age when they typically should be  suppressed.



If your child has sound errors or substitutions or sound patterns that are delayed for their age, speech therapy is most likely warranted.

Traditional articulation therapy begins with a sound in isolation (I.e. producing “t,t,t”). When the child can say the sound in isolation, the sound will begin to be targeted at the syllable level “to, tay, teee, tie, toe, tooh”. At this point, the sound will be target in the initial, medial or final position of words. After this is mastered these words can be targeted in sentences. If the child is old enough the can move on to conversation, in which the child must utilize words with the target sound. The next level is called “generalization”, this is when a child correctly produces a sound through all contexts of language.

Hope this helps!!!


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