Increasing Expressive Language

Below are a few target words and examples to model throughout the day to expand expressive language:

1. On

– turn on music, put on clothes, put shoes on, turn on light, put hat on

2. Up

– request up from chair, request up for a hug, request up when a toy is out of reach, say up when looking at sky, say up when flying a plane during play

3. Clean

– clean hands, clean up toys, clean your table, clean body during bath, clean doll or dishes during play

4. Open

– open car door, open house door, open refrigerator door, open juice or snack, open bubbles

5. Eat

– requesting eat for snack time, requesting eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, requesting eat during pretend play

6. Want

– requesting want to get food, toy, TV, or books, request to get dressed, request to go outside, request to listen to music

Enjoy! 🙂


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