As the sun begins to set on this hot summer, it is time to fully prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL!

  1. CHECK UP-Make sure your child has a physical examination by their doctor. It is important for your child to be in good health both mentally and physically.

2. COPIES, COPIES, COPIES- Be sure to have photocopies of all medical and scheduling documents. Keep copies organized in a 2015-2016 school year folder. The sooner you begin to organize, the easier it is to maintain!

3. STAY ORGANIZED- Both you and your child should use calendars to mark important dates and stay on top of the school year. Think of the calendar as your BFF (best friend forever).

4. GET BACK INTO A ROUTINE= With those lazy summer day winding down, it is time to start buckling down and getting into a set schedule. After working on homework, allow your child to have some wind down time before bed. Set a consistent bed time, allowing your child to get enough sleep.

5. TIMING IN THE AM- As we all know time FLIES in the morning. It is important to have a CALM morning by allowing enough time to get ready and have a healthy breakfast. Help your child prepare their backpack and help/encourage your child to lay out an outfit the night before.In addition, lunches should be prepared the night before to allow for a stress-free morning. With the extra time you can have a few minutes to sit down and have breakfast with your child!

Good luck back at school!

Pamela Leibowitz MA CF SLP TSSLD


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