5 Ways to Get Your Children Excited for the New School Year


  1. Back to school schedule:The first week of school can be the hardest due to early mornings and longer days. One of the best ways to prepare your child for the school year is to set up a school routine ahead of time. Start with bedtimes first and then work on waking your child up early to mimic times that he/she would need to walk up for school. Parents can incorporate fun things to do such as decorative breakfasts or an outdoor adventure.


2. Back to school shopping: Get your child excited about school by buying them new clothing and school supplies. Check the school websites for lists. Some stores may have a supply list from the school for convenience.


3. First day of school: take a first day of school year photo. It shows your child that this day is extra special and that we as parents are proud of their progress from year to year. Print it out and hang it up as a reminder.


4.Back to school survival guide: creating a system that works for you is key for your family’s back to school preparation. Discussing it together and setting goals together will help children be prepared for their routines, supplies, and overall memories as you share your excitement about the upcoming school year.


5. Enroll your child in extracurricular activities: This will give your child opportunities to make new friends and encourage them to enroll in a sports club or club of his/her choice. This will help to foster school spirit, especially at the start of the school year when apprehension may be present.


Jessica Dayan M.S.-CF-SLP-TSSLD




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