I Like to Move It Move It!

Movement has been proven to improve focus and concentration.  Motor breaks also help children regulate their energy levels.  Movement can be used before, during, and after speech, both as a reward and as a therapeutic tool.  Below are some ideas on how to get moving in and outside of the therapy room!

  1. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator on your way to the speech office.

motor stairs

  1. Sit on an exercise ball.

motor ball

  1. Kids can help carry toys, games and materials from the closet to the speech room.

motor games

  1. Bounce on a mini trampoline or jump up and down.

motor trampoline

  1. Push the chair across the room or spin around.

motor chair

  1. Step stools are great for step-ups.

motor step stool

  1. Have a dance party!

motor dancing

Hope these tips help keep you moving and having fun!

Nicole Cohen MS CF SLP


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