Why you should stop using the “R” word

In this particular career choice, it’s obvious that we may be more aware of the words that people are using around us. With that said, I have been hearing the “R” word being thrown around with little thought of its implication. The word I am referring to is, retarded.

The word when used in casual speech, often has negative connotations such as: dumb, unintelligent, stupid, etc. When you use that word, it lessens the accomplishments, the achievements, and the milestones that individuals who have disabilities have reached, as well as the people who have helped them reach their goals.

To those individuals who still use that word, you need to stop. Be more mindful of the words you choose to use, and the implications they may have.

Below is a video that is very influential,  and gives us a different perspective:


Click this link to view a very interesting perspective on why you shouldn’t use the “r” word


Thanks for reading!

Stefanie Fedun M.S. CF-SLP, TSSLD


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