Be Kind

Considering it’s the holiday season, it is a time to spread love, joy, and kindness; regardless of what you celebrate. Yesterday I saw three things that really impacted me.

  1. A quote that stated “Be kind: everyone you meet is fighting a battle you do not understand.”
  2. A teenage boy with a disability in target having a meltdown.
  3. This article: Here

All three of these things gave me a new perspective. I have seen countless times, a mother who’s child is crying and people staring…judging even (as if they were silent and well behaved as a 2 year old.) I have seen tears in parents’ eyes who cannot “control” their child in public; fearing what others may think. I witnessed it just yesterday. A very large teenage boy (who appeared to be “normal), running around and flailing his arms screaming “MOMMY!!!!” in Target, while everyone stared in disbelief. Then, I saw how embarrassed the mother was. As I looked around, I didn’t see compassion in the onlookers’ eyes. It was a truly heartbreaking situation.


Basically – what I learned from this, and what I hope others who read this learn, is to have compassion, and be kind to each person you meet. You do not know what is going on in their personal lives, nor do you have the right to judge them for it.

  • Stefanie Fedun M.S. CF-SLP

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